Get To The Point

The third speech in the Competent Communicator manual is called “Get To The Point.” The first objective of this speech is to select a topic and to determine both its general purpose and its specific purpose. Examples of general purposes might be to inform, to entertain to persuade or to inspire. A specific purpose involves the specific subject matter involved in the speech itself. For example, the general purpose of a speech might be to inform and the specific purpose might be to inform the audience about how SEO Salt Lake City businesses employ the use of link farms to optimize the content for a particular website.


The next objective for speech number three is for the speaker to organize his or her speech in a manner to best achieve the objectives of both the general purpose and the specific purpose. The speaker is required to ensure that the beginning, body and conclusion of the speech reinforce both of these purposes. While doing so, the speaker is to try to project sincerity as well as conviction while at the same time controlling any nervousness that the speaker may experience while giving the speech. Finally, the speaker in encouraged to deliver the speech without the use of notes.


The speaker should keep all of this in mind, when he or she delivers his or her speech regarding the use of link farms by SEO Utah businesses. The effectiveness of the speech will depend upon whether or not the speaker clearly and concisely conveyed both the general purpose and the specific purpose of the speech. Organization will be a key factor in determining whether this objective has been achieved. Moreover, the confidence of the speaker (which is displayed by both his or her poise as well as whether or not the speaker relied upon notes in delivering speech) will also impact the effectiveness of the speech.

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