Freelance Content Creation

There are many effective techniques to optimize content for the purpose of making a website rank higher in search engine listings. One of the most commonly used techniques is the building of a link farm. A link farm is essentially a collection of websites usually created on a blogging platform such as Word Press or Blogger. These websites contain content with embedded links that point back to the website intended to be optimized. This link farm would be created by an SEO Park City business that would typically employ freelance content creators to create the content that appears on the websites that constitute the link farm.

The reason the SEO Park City business employs freelance content creators is so that the content is not identified as spam by the search engine web bots. It would be cheaper and less time consuming for the SEO business to auto create random text with embedded links rather than employing actual people to create the content. However, the web bots employed by search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are able to discern between this type of auto created content and the content created by an actual person. It is true that the content created by content creators for link farms is not high quality content but it is of sufficient quality to “fool” the web bots from identifying it as spam.

When a web bot identifies content as spam it will disregard that content. In some cases the content will de-optimize the content it seeks to optimize. This is why it is important that the content rise to a specific level of quality because it may actually achieve the opposite consequence. It is conceivable that web bots will at some point become sophisticated enough to discern this content. It is also conceivable (perhaps more so) that automatic content creation could become sophisticated enough to fool the web bots. Stay tuned.

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