The Best Means of TOEFL Practice

Many people seeking to perform well on the T. O. E. F. L. (Test of English as a Foreign Language) seek out effective means of TOEFL practice in their preparation. The T. O. E. F. L. is presently largely administered as an internet based test. The test is four hours long and is comprised of four separate sections. Each section evaluates basic skills in language skills. Test takers are allowed to take notes whilst taking the T. O. E. F. L. The test may not be taken more than once every twelve days.


By taking a practice version of the TOEFL, the test taker will become familiar with the four sections of the test. These four sections are (1) Reading, (2) Listening, (3) Speaking and (4) Writing.

The Reading section is comprised of questions on three to five 700 word passages on various academic topics. Passages require an understanding of cause-effect, compare-contrast and argumentation. Test takers will then respond to questions concerning the main point and various details expressed in the passage.

In the Listening section the test taker will listen to six three to five minute passages including two student conversations and four lectures. Each passage is heard only once. There are five questions about the conversation and six questions about the lecture.

In the Speaking section the test taker will perform six tasks. The two independent tasks involve answering opinion questions on familiar topics. The two integrated tasks involve answering a question based upon listening to a passage. The final two integrated tasks involve answering questions based upon listening to lecture passages.

The Writing section consists of two tasks. The first task is integrated and the second task is independent. In the integrated task the test taker will read a passage and  listen to discussion on it. The test taker will then write a summary about the main points.

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