A Sign of Relief

Today I walked past the house of the dude who hangs signs and banners from his front porch. It has been a while since he has hung a sign and I must say that I am feeling a little nostalgic for the good old days when there was a new sign each week. I know that his signs were a bit of an embarrassment for the neighborhood. I also know that the poor woman named Susan who lived across street and courageously fighting cancer probably is relieved the signs are now gone. Still I must admit that I do miss seeing them.

As we all know the dude of which I speak hung those signs and banners as a sign (quite literally) of encouragement to Susan whilst she fought the cancer. This was the reason why the situation was so awkward. On the one hand the dude had the best of intentions in his displays. On the other hand the signs made everyone uncomfortable. Even the home owners’ association got involved and told him to knock it off. In response to the letter they sent him he hung a very passive aggressive last sign that simply read, “Have a Great Day!!!”

But it has been weeks since that last sign was displayed. Now his porch is empty. His yard is still immaculately manicured. Everything seems to have moved forward. Susan is done with her treatment and we all hope she is doing well. I suspect a great number of people in the neighborhood are happy the whole situation is over with. In a sense it has been swept under the rug and repressed. I think his desire to hang another sign is festering under the surface. And so I wait. I wait for the moment I know someday I will see when the next sign is hung. I will be there to walk past his house an breathe a sign of relief.