Learn Everything about SEO Salt Lake City

Of course a three hundred word blog post cannot possible tell you everything there is to know about SEO Salt Lake City or any other subject for that matter. And it certainly is not my purpose in writing this article to create a sort of click bait. No, my purpose is much more mundane than either of those aims. Alas, my purpose is to demonstrate the power of creating content with back links to demonstrate a specific search engine optimization strategy. In fact that is the entire purpose of this article and it does not even matter if anyone actually reads it.


It all comes down to web bots which are automated programs employed by search engines to scour the web and gather information on websites. These web bots look for and record a great deal of information. But one piece of information they specifically seek out are links and where they point to. The logic behind this task is that if a website is referred to by a number of different websites then it must be relevant. Why else would other websites contain content with links to it if it was not in some way relevant?

The logical implication to that question is that links prove relevance. However, some websites embed links within its content for the purpose of giving another website the appearance of relevance. This strategy is sometimes referred to as link farming. The way it works is typically freelance content creators are hired to create content that is good enough not to appear as spam to a web bot. This content contains links to whatever website it is the intention to optimize. As implied, search engines do not specifically approve of this tactic as it circumvents the purpose of the search engine algorithm which is to determine relevance.