Umbrella Categories and Subcategories

“Everything about learning” is a rather large category. Underneath this umbrella is a subset entitled “housing.” True, housing is not directly related to learning and education. But indirectly it is related in that many people relocate from their home to institutions of higher learning. Accordingly, when they do this they will have to find Weber State housing especially if the choose to attend Weber State University.

We here at the “Everything About Learning” blog editorial board are firmly of the philosophy that in order for the umbrella category to maintain its own integrity all of its many subcategories must also possess a well structured integrity. To this end it must be re-emphasized in a very clear and concise manner that when a student puts himself or herself in the position where he or she is looking for Weber State housing, he or she will both in theory and practical effect find themselves squarely under the umbrella category which is called “Everything About Learning.”

Indeed there are many, many other subcategories that can find themselves under this rather large category. For example, text books might be found under this category. Teachers might be there as well. Moreover, one might easily find the subcategory of course work under this category as well. Come to think of it there are probably an infinite number of subcategories that can fit both under this umbrella category and any umbrella category for that matter. However, it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that a full and complete listing of this subset of subcategories cannot not be listed in a three hundred word blog post. In fact, the idea of doing so is preposterous and anyone suggesting that such a thing could be done is either very ill informed or psychologically unstable and in need of treatment.