Learning Everything About Weber State Housing

It is a difficult task to provide all there is to know about Weber State housing in three one hundred word paragraphs. Perhaps we can start with the proposition that when looking for housing at Weber State the most important quality (or one of the most important qualities) is the housing’s proximity to the campus of Weber State University. Proximity is important because the commute to and from campus takes time and this is time that could be spent studying or attending class at school and relaxing and unwinding at home. In other words it is important that the time spent commuting is minimized.


Another important aspect as to housing at Weber State University is the decision to have or not have a roommate. This is a very important decision to make. On the one hand, the obvious benefit to having a roommate is that it helps defray the cost of housing. On the other hand roommates can be extremely annoying if there is a conflict of personalities. We tend to enter into roommate situations without thinking about it too heavily. This is a mistake because once you sign that lease you are legally obligated to live in that space with your roommate.

More specifically, you will be legally obligated to pay for that living space. You do not necessarily have to stay there. But college students tend to not have a lot of money so this essentially means that you will probably have to live in the space that you are paying for. For this reason it is important to vet any potential roommate to the extent that you can before you enter into a legal contract to live with this person. Of course this may be difficult because people put on their best face when you first meet them and the problems do not manifest themselves until after you live with them for a period of time.